The Women Junior Road Race will consist of 4 laps and a total length of 76,4 km. The cource offers ample opportunities for a break away, particularly on the climb up to Mount Ulriken. But with the last 2.5 kilometers being flat with gentle curves and no roundabouts, it can also be a bunch sprint that decides the race.



The host country Norway has experienced tremendous success in the mens under 23 the last couple of years. Sven Erik Bystrøm won the race in 2014and last year’s championship in Doha resulted in another win when 20 year old Kristoffer Halvorsen surprised everyone in the bunch sprint to take the gold. Kristoffer will defend his title, but the italians, belgians, germans and the riders from all the other great cycling countries will do their utmost to prevent him from a historical second win in a row.


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map Bergens Tidende Arena Bryggen Fansone

Bryggen Arena

During the Championship, a large tent will be placed on the waterfront at Bryggen. The VIP area offers superb visual access to the route and heated tents with refreshments, food and TV-screens.

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D1 - Friday 22 September Bryggen Arena - Golden ticket/Gjestebillett

By purchasing a Gold ticket at Bryggen Arena you will be guaranteed indoor seating in our heated tent. You can also reserve your own table if you are part of a larger group. You will have the opportunity to view all the action from the race up close, just outside the tent. There will also be large TV-screens inside the tent. During the day you will have access to food and beverages, and the tent will have separate toilet facilities. Purchasing a Gold ticket will also give you access to booking a hotel room. The ticket costs NOK 1775,- including VAT and admin fee. (186 Euro pr. 04/07)

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D2 - Friday 22 September Bryggen Arena - Premium ticket /Losjebillett

By purchasing a Premium ticket at Bryggen Arena you gain access to our largest VIP-area. You will be guaranteed indoor seating in our heated tent, where there will be large TV-screens, as well as access to outdoor areas with prime views of all the cycling action. During the day you can enjoy great food from our gourmet chefs as well as free drinks at the bar. The Premium area will be visited by world renowned former cyclists and other famous athletes. At night all the best After Race-events will take place at Bryggen Arena. If you buy a ticket at Bryggen Arena the ticket also includes participation at the After Race-event the same evening. Purchasing a Premium ticket will also give you access to booking a hotel room AND you can freely visit our fan zone located at Skolten the same day. The ticket costs NOK 3500,- including VAT and admin fee. (368 Euro pr. 04/07)

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